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Assessing the Potential Risk of Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis Essay

Assessing the Potential Risk of Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis - Essay Example The reason behind the occurrence of earthquakes is noted to be the excessive energy that has been accumulated within the layers of earth. Notably in the case of Dallas, Texas, it could be said that the energy has been releasing through the occurrence of earthquake every year which makes the probability of the earthquake predictable but with relatively lesser magnitude. Considering the four seasonal-geographical conditions of Dallas, it can be said that the delocalization of crust is less accumulating. The occurrence of earthquakes at Dallas has projected the duration of thunderstorms much longer. Also, the hurricanes and snowstorms are predictable at Dallas mainly because of the occurrence of earthquake that releases energy off the earth surface displaying disturbance of the earth crust to minor extent (Resources for Environmental Literacy, 2007). The generation of Tsunamis is due to the disturbance of the large amount of water waves underneath. This may happen due to the eruption of volcano, land sliding or the contact of tectonic plates of the earth. This may affect the waves of water which may travel 600mph. Considering the case of Tsunami in Dallas, Texas, there has been no activity on the active tectonic layer of Dallas which makes Dallas a less vulnerable region for the generation of Tsunami. The active tectonic plates in Texas in whole is considered as an out of alert zone for tsunami as per the predictions. Tsunami’s generation is more likely to take place at the active tectonic layer of Mexico and the near coastal areas of United States (Hasiholan, 2007). The eruption of volcano takes place when about 17 layers of earth are dismantled and or broken. The layers of earth are then set beneath the ground usually on the hotter layer of the earth crust. Earth mantle is the hottest temperate area which makes the stones and other earthy elements to

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Liver Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Liver - Essay Example These plates radiate from the central vein. Each of these plates is of thickness of two cells. Between the adjacent cells lie small bile canaliculi that empty into bile ducts in the fibrous septa separating the adjacent liver lobules. Blood from the venous outflow of the gastro intestinal tract reaches small portal venules in the septa by way of portal vein. Flat branching hepatic sinusoids, which lie between hepatic plates receive the blood from the portal venules. Afterwards the blood goes to central vein. Thus hepatic cells are continuously exposed to portal venous blood. In the interlobular septa, hepatic arterioles supply arterial blood to the septal tissues between the adjacent lobules. Many of these arterioles empty directly into the hepatic sinusoids in such a way that one third of the distance is away from the interlobular septa. The venous sinusoids are lined by two other types of cells namely, typical endothelial cells and larger Kupfer cells. The latter is also known as reticuloendothelial cells. The Kupfer cells are capable of phagocytosis, the process by which bacteria and other foreign matter in hepatic sinus blood are engulfed. The large pores in the lining of the endothelial cells facilitate free flow of the substances in plasma. Some pores are big enough to the tune of 1 micrometer in diameter. Millions of narrow tissue spaces called 'Spaces of Disse' lie between endothelial cells and hepatic cells. In the interlobular septa, these Spaces of Disse are connected with lymphatic vessels. Overflowing fluid in these spaces are thus removed by lymphatics. The large pores are helpful in diffusing even the large portions of plasma protein freely into this space. The functions of liver are versatile. Liver maintains filtration and storage of blood. Carbohydrates, protein, fats, hormones and foreign chemicals that are found in medications are metabolized at liver only. Liver stores vitamins and iron, which are necessary for the growth. The very important function of liver is formation of bile. It is through this bile secretion that many waste materials are excreted from liver. During medication, we consume many drugs such as sulfonamides, penicillin, ampicillin, and erythromycin. The active chemical medium present in liver detoxifies or excretes those drugs into bile. Accumulation of some steroid hormones like estrogen, coristol, aldosterone secreted by endocrine glands causes over activity of hormonal systems. Theses hormones are either chemically changed into other substances or excreted by the liver. Unwanted Calcium is excreted from the body only with help of the secretion from liver; from bile secretion the calcium reaches the gut and is lost finally in faeces. (Arthur C.Guyton and John E. Hall, 2000) One of the important excretory jobs carried out by the liver is removal of bilirubin. Bilirubin is formed continuously in the usual breakdown of the red blood cells. After circulating in the blood stream for about 120 days, in a normal healthy adult, the red blood cells wear out. These worn out red blood cells, haemoglobin, are converted into bilirubin, a yellow pigment. This bilirubin passes through the blood stream to liver, which is the only organ in our body capable of removing it. Metabolism of bilirubin takes places in three phases--- prehepatic, intrahepatic and post hepatic. In prehepatic phase about 80% of haemogulobin halves are metabolized to form bilirubin. Nearly 4mg/kg of bilirubin is produced in a

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SAB 310 UNIT 7 ASSIGN Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

SAB 310 UNIT 7 ASSIGN - Assignment Example The requirements include a specific numbers of different sports available for women and men, participant’s minimum numbers and number of events for different sports, criteria used to schedule the games, and overall financial awards in terms athletics for the students involved. The mens football institutional teams are also grouped into 3 divisions which include within the first group I-A, group 2 or I-AA, which is related to team attendance registers and competiveness. Most competitors who have taken part in these games have not only grown with the competitions but have also enhanced their skills. The NCAA contests of championship have become the focal point of continental media through merchandising efforts. Additionally, the most institutional championships have been the Basketball Tournament for men. This is evident from the sale of broadcast rights by televisions for above game tournament which were sold in 1999 to CBS. The total cost was for $545 million per year on average. Most of the profits made on the championship and game events which include broadcast rights were directed to institutions to support athletics membership programs. This has greatly helped in managing and running championship events which support different world wide initiatives. The most common members and requirements of the NCAA body include marketing strategies, licensing requirements, and promotions that deal directly with the NCAA promotion of different brands within the NCAA championships. The NCAA membership or service division of the national office has a main responsibility of helping institutional members from different universities and colleges to comprehend comply and understand different and vital legislations in relation to NCAA. Membership functions are vital in service provision. These functions include providing the institutions and the public with available access to knowledgeable

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Assignment as an essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

As an essay - Assignment Example ntesting states, international custom practices considered as law, and judicial decisions and teachings of qualified publicists in the different nations. The norms surrounding international laws are the principles and rules that apply to international law. This term is not common in international court systems though it can still be used to refer to principles and rules. There are seven principles of international law. They are borrowed from domestic law because international law is not developed and is mostly patchy (Aust 6). In reference to international law, the US violated the sixth principle. According to the principle, it is unlawful any person to plan, prepare, initiate, or wage a war in aggression in international agreements, treaties, or insurances. Subordination as applies to law is a situation where one principle overrides the other and nullifies the outcomes set by the principle seen to be weaker. Such a scenario is not legible in international law as all principles are w ell phrased to defend themselves in all situations (Aust 9). Territory acquisition in international law is achieved through a number of ways, which were set initially by ancient traditional laws (Aust 33). The first way is discovery. In this case, a country must be the first one to identify a territory that is not owned by any other state and it should perform symbolic acts like planting a flag to show official acquisition. Another method is conquest and annexation (Aust 36). It involves a forceful invasion of a state into a territory that is not theirs and demand ownership. It might include war and struggles and if the invading country wins, it takes over the territory. Another method used in acquisition is cession. It involves the voluntary giving up of a territory by a country. In such a case, another country can easily take over the territory. Another way of territory acquisition is occupation and prescription. This is where a sovereign state is already in ownership or control of a

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Administrative Ethics Paper Grading Criteria Essay Example for Free

Administrative Ethics Paper Grading Criteria Essay Resource: Administrative Ethics Paper Grading Criteria on your student website Find a current administrative issue in a newspaper, magazine, or journal article relating to topics such as patient privacy, confidentiality, or HIPAA. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes the following: †¢ Describe the issue and its impact on the population it affects most. †¢ What arguments or facts are used in the article to support the proposed solution? †¢ What are the ethical and legal issues reported for your administrative issue? †¢ Explain the managerial responsibilities related to administrative ethical issues. If none were stated, what should have been done? †¢ Identify any proposed solutions. See more: Strategic Management Process Essay Include at least three sources in your paper. Resource: Administrative Ethics Paper Grading Criteria on your student website Find a current administrative issue in a newspaper, magazine, or journal article relating to topics such as patient privacy, confidentiality, or HIPAA. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes the following: †¢ Describe the issue and its impact on the population it affects most. †¢ What arguments or facts are used in the article to support the proposed solution? †¢ What are the ethical and legal issues reported for your administrative issue? †¢ Explain the managerial responsibilities related to administrative ethical issues. If none were stated, what should have been done? †¢ Identify any proposed solutions.

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Security Threats In Cloud Computing

Security Threats In Cloud Computing What is cloud computing? To explain Cloud computing in simple words, lets just say it is Internet computing, if we observe closely the internet is basically the collection of cloud; thus, the cloud computing word can be elaborated as using the internet, to its full potential, to provide organization and people, technology enabled oriented services. Cloud computing let consumers access, by the help of the internet, resources online from any corner of the world without the need to worry about physical/technical maintenance and management issues of the real original resources. What is cloud computing security? To keep it in simple words, cloud security actually points out to a broad set of rules/regulation or policies, maybe set of technologies, or controls deployed solely for the sake of, to protect application data, and the linked infrastructure of cloud computing from the malicious intruder. If all seems good how come security threat became an issue? The cloud computing technology is on the verge of peak. Its really a wonderful news for enterprises and organization who want to get things done with more quickness and easiness as compared to past times but one need to keep their vision open to the possibility of data hijack. The famous Company IBM lies on top of companies providing cloud security with many options in hand to reduce risk. The 9 biggest threats right now according to a report that was released, on 29 February, from the Cloud Security Alliance are: Security Breach in terms of data The companies providing cloud environment face more commonly the same threat i.e. traditional corporate, yet due to the huge amount of data stored on their private servers, they are more vulnerable to the eyes of hackers or intruders. The information being leaked from their servers or exposed becomes headline showing the drawback of the security area. Disaster occur when information such as trade secret, health information or intellectual property data are breached If such event occurs in which hacker or intruder outrun the security checks of cloud environment and data breach occur, then the organization providing the facility may end being washed up on the shore just like a broken ship because they may be filed or sued by the potential customers. To protect their environment, normally cloud owners, deploy security protocols in their services field but in the cloud organizations are responsible for protecting their own data Broken authentication Compromised credentials The most common reasons for data breach are weak passwords, poor key lax authentication or certificate management. Companies often strive with identity management, as they try to give or deny permissions as defined to the users job role. More important, keeping in view, they sometimes dont or forget to remove access of user when a job function changes or when a user leaves the environment of organization. The ways of multifactor authentication systems such as phone-based authentication, one-time passwords smartcards tends to protect cloud services because this make it quite harder for attackers, hacker to log or go in to access with stolen passwords. Many developers dont realize the danger of embedding credentials in source code and make such mistake and upload the source code on famous site where source code is easily accessible such as GitHub and bit bucket. APIs Hacked interfaces Normally every cloud application and service now gives APIs access to its users. IT teams use APIs and interfaces to organize and connect with cloud pool, including those that offer cloud management, provisioning, monitoring, and orchestration. The availability and security of cloud services from authentication to encryption and access control and activity monitoring depend on the security level of that particular API. Risk level increases with commonly third parties that tends to rely on APIs and build an infrastructure on these interfaces, as organizations may feel the need to expose or portray more credentials or service, the CSA warned. Weak APIs and interfaces expose company to security concerns related to integrity, confidentiality, accountability, and availability. APIs and interfaces are the most exposed and weak part of a system because theyre usually accessible and easily gained access from the open Internet. Misuse system vulnerabilities Exploitable bugs, or system vulnerabilities in application and programs, are not new, but theyve become rapidly a huge problem with the inclusion of multitenancy in cloud computing services. Organizations handshake databases, memory and other resources in close range to one another, giving chance to new possible attack surfaces. Hijacking of Account Software exploits, fraud and phishing are still the most successful way for intruders for back door gain access. Above all that, cloud services add a whole new level of dimension to the possibilities of threat because hackers can eavesdrop on various activities, modify data and manipulate transactions. Not only that, hackers may also use cloud application for their advantage to launch various other attacks. Cloud service provider should prohibit user from sharing of account security credentials between services and users Malicious insiders The threat from inside has many faces: a former or current employee, a contractor, system administrator, business partner or a contractor. In a cloud system scenario, a malicious insider can destroy or burn the whole infrastructures to ground or manipulate system data. Systems that solely depend on the various cloud service provider for security implementation, such as data or key encryption, are at huge risk. The parasite Advantage persistent threat (APT) APTs normally and blend in normal traffic move through the network, so it becomes difficult to detect. The major cloud service providers make sure to apply advanced encryption techniques to prevent threat such as APTs from infiltrating or entering their building infrastructure. Common points of entering in the system include direct attacks, spear phishing, USB or pen drives loaded with malware injection, and third-party compromised software networks. Totally Permanent loss of data With the day to day enhancement and cloud services of getting matured, reports of permanent loss of data due to error from provider have vanished into thin air. But intruders or malicious hackers are famous to white wash cloud data just to harm businesses and bring the service provider to ground, and cloud data provider centers are at risk to natural disasters as any common facility. Cloud service providers advice or recommend their user to distribute their data and applications across various multiple layers of zones for much more added protection. Abuse of cloud service power The disaster that can occur from the misuse of cloud service power can never be mapped of any graph scale. It has the tendency to supportÂÂ   various criminal activities such as using the resources of cloud technology to break in to gain encryption key in order to launch various attack such as sending phishing email, messages or filling mailbox with spam mails, launching famous DDoS attack to shut down server or hosting malicious content.

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Business Plan :: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework

Business Plan Executive Summary Target Things is a mobile training and safety instruction company; it will utilize the DART Targeting System, a computerized range system incorporating the latest in technology and graphics. It is a 3-D range, which can be used for archery or other weapons type training. This convenient, compact and very affordable Dart digital shooting system comes in three portable cases that can be easily transported in a mid-sized vehicle. One case holds the electronic equipment, another the firearms, and the third case holds the screen/frame. Target Things will specialize in the techniques needed to become proficient with all types of archery and firearm equipment. Also, we will become firearms and archery National certified safety instructors. The electronic equipment package is enclosed in a quick set-up console that sits on the floor. The system comes with your choice of two Dart modified firearms also, over 1000 wildlife scenarios. As a secondary specialty, we will also offer instruction in gun safety and proficiency and National Bowhunter safety education course, which is required to hunt all big game animals in South Dakota and many other states with archery equipment. Introduction Target Things is intended to be a one-stop mobile target range designed to meet the archery and firearms needs of the local community and beyond. It will specialize in personal and family instructional training for the archery and firearm enthusiast while at the same time providing a specialized training operation for use by the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks Service, schools, colleges and universities, wildlife organizations, and other local and state organizations. It is very important for customers ¡Ã‚ ¦ wellness and well being. We will be able to deliver this instruction through the use of the DART mobile training and practice system and the professional knowledge of our staff. There is also a child firearm weapons available for use and they would be available for hunters ¡Ã‚ ¦ safety courses and firearms safety. This compact gun is just 30 inches in length and weighs a mere 2 pounds 4 ounces. The Cricket is ideal for young kids and can be easily handled by t hem. Hunter Education on the Dart Target System gives hunter education instructors an exciting new tool for archery and firearms education. Dart's Core Curriculum is available on all Dart Target Systems at Dart Dealers nationwide and on Dart Mobile Systems. Dart's Hunter Education & Bowhunter Education Curriculum: